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If you are unsure of what you want you can view a range of my previous work on-line to give you some ideas.  Then we will discuss considerations such as level of detail, strength of the steel, the application, is it utilitarian, for security, what about the artistic aspect?

Essentially, if you can imagine it, we can make it.  We specialise in creating unique items of decorative wrought iron.  We commence with a theme – such as abstract, art deco, a picture in iron, colonial, medieval, landscape, animal, seascape – above or under water, astral – sun, moon, stars or planets.  A good start is for you to send me a picture or sketch of what your design might look like.  We will also talk about whether you are interested in incorporating other mediums – glass, crystal, wood, stone, illumination.  I will need to know whether your product is for the inside or the outside, and what finish you would prefer – polished and lacquered or galvanised and powder-coated.  We will discuss site and structural applications – size, height and width as well as additional aspects such as flywire, intercom and electronics.  Once I have a reasonable idea of what you would like then I can give you an approximate price.

I will need to do a site inspection and take critical measurements.  If you are interstate this will need to be done by someone competent and capable of ensuring accuracy.  Once I have this information I will compile a draft design and a detailed obligation free quote.  If you are happy with the design, and the quote is accepted, you will be sent an invoice for the deposit and be advised of the start date.

As this is your exclusive product you will be involved throughout all stages of the manufacturing process, either by viewing in person or by emailed photos.  At these times you will be offered the opportunity to make any desired changes.  The cost of changes will be factored on additional labour and additional materials (if required).  If during the manufacturing stage I identify a potential variation that would enhance or improve the job, I will seek your opinion and input.

Every piece of wrought iron manufactured by Creative Iron is a unique and individual work of art and the quality of the product and the workmanship are assured.  As every item and application is different each will carry a guarantee relevant to its finish and application  With appropriate maintenance the longevity of your product is assured.  You will be given written detailed information about caring for your product.  If maintained correctly your wrought iron will last well beyond your lifetime.  Although some working parts will eventually wear out over time, the wrought iron itself will last in the same way the wrought iron from colonial times is still seen today.

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