Creative Iron wrought iron balustrades and staircases provide an impressive introduction to your home or business.  Whatever your requirements…

  • indoor, outdoor, curved, straight or spiral,
  • simple or complex residential designs or large commercial projects
  • from rustic, medieval and colonial to sleek, modern and futuristic
  • incorporating mediums such as wood, glass, crystals, stone, LED lighting

…the choice is yours.

Creative Iron wrought iron balustrades and staircases epitomize style and elegance.

Take advantage of our pre-construction design suggestions and advice to assist you in best utilizing your available space and help your design ideas evolve, develop and take shape.

Alternatively, seek our ideas and suggestions on how to best update and improve your existing, out-dated or non-compliant staircase and balustrade into a beautiful feature in your home, garden or business.

All our products are offered in a range of finishes including hot-dipped galvanizing and powder-coating in a vast range of colours or semi-polished and lacquered in a wide variety of coatings and tints to create an antique finish, bringing out the depth and beauty of the steel.

At Creative Iron all our balustrades and staircases are made to Australian Standards.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Our specialist will help you with creating your own individual unique and timeless piece of art, contact us today!